[Ask Video][macProVideo][NonLinear Educating] Logic Pro 410 – Designing Trailer Sound with Alex Hollingsworth

Lights, camera, movement! Learn how to create amazing sound effects for trailers, movies and video games with Logic Pro! Led by talented sound engineer Alex Hollingsworth, this course is your golden ticket to mastering the art of cinematic sound design.

Course content:
1. Introduction
2. Different Sound Sources
3. Layering
4. More layering
5. Adding foley
6. Track Stacks
7. Trailer risers – Synthesis
8. Trailer risers – Vocals
9. Bounce in place
10. Horror drones
11. Bounce in place
12 Sampling
13. Amp modellers
14. Guitar pedals
15. Percussion
16. Foley
17. Synths and samplers
18. Bus processing
19. Cascading SFX
20. Bang and wallop
21. Outro

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