BeatSkillz – SampleX V3 v1.0.0

SampleX Version 3 offers new features such as – new resonant filters LP / HP Ladder, stereo width control (imaging) (mono / M / S expander) and a dynamic convolution system in which we sampled real vintage samplers to get them to sound accurate at various levels.

There is also a standard variable sample rate, bitrate and aliasing control (Shift) We also added an IR machine on/off function, a POP UP value display for the I/O section, a filter section and 2 new sampler models.

From A/D converters, preamps, analog and digital filters, to the processes involved in recreating each stage and creating a plugin that can not only emulate a sampler, but many more others and also allows you to design your own sampler or vintage chip!

Installation / Registration
0. Uninstall previous plugin versions.
1. Install Setup Tone Empire Emulator v1.0.0
2 Install Setup SampleX v3 v1.0.0.
3. Open SampleX V3.
Log in using the following information:
Email – [email protected]
Password – (any password will do)

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