BeatSkillz – SLAM2 v1.3.0

Designed to hide complex and great sounding processing behind the scenes and present a simple and inspiring interface that is very intuitive and has all the controls you need for fatting channels, drums, vocals, synths or the entire mix with just a few controls. This simple interface hides some very complex processing.

➲ Great for tracks, buses and mixes.
➲ Punchy, clear and wide sound.
➲ Professional results without plugin chains.
➲ No confusing options.

Installation / Registration
0. Uninstall previous plugin versions.
1. Install Setup Tone Empire Emulator v1.0.0
2 Install Setup Slam2 v1.3.0.
3. Open SLAM2.
Log in using the following information:
Email – [email protected]
Password – (any password will do)

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