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Since its inception in 2007, Cableguys has been at the forefront of creating cutting-edge plugins that redefine music production. These plugins are designed to inspire creativity and offer unmatched flexibility, making them the secret sauce behind chart-topping hits by renowned artists like David Guetta, 808 Mafia, and Armin van Buuren. They are also favored by celebrated “producer producers” such as Mick Schultz (known for working with Rihanna and Jeremih), Nard & B (notable for collaborations with Migos and Future), and Khaliq Glover (credited for his work with Prince and Justin Timberlake). Dive into the world of Cableguys and discover how their innovative tools can transform your music.

Introducing Compound:

One of Cableguys’ standout packages is Compound, a comprehensive toolkit that includes a range of plugins to supercharge your music production. This package builds on the core Cableguys offerings and adds the powerful ShaperBox to the mix. Here’s what you’ll find in this versatile package:

  • Curve 2.6.2: A dynamic multi-effects processor that enables you to sculpt, shape, and manipulate your sounds with precision.

  • FilterShaper 2.2.4: A flexible filter plugin that allows you to craft intricate filter modulations for captivating soundscapes.

  • FilterShaper 3.2.2: The next evolution of filter modulation, offering even more creative possibilities to shape your audio.

  • HalfTime 1.0.1: A must-have for producers looking to create mesmerizing half-speed and slow-motion effects in their tracks.

  • MidiShaper 1.3.2: Take control of your MIDI and explore new dimensions in sound design with this MIDI modulation powerhouse.

  • PanCake 2.3.1: A creative panning plugin that adds movement and excitement to your audio by automating panning effects.

  • ShaperBox 2.1.0: The heart of the Compound package, ShaperBox is a dynamic effects plugin that offers unparalleled creative potential for sound manipulation.

  • ShaperBox 3.1.1: The latest version of ShaperBox, packed with features to help you craft unique and expressive sounds.

  • VolumeShaper 3: Achieve precise volume modulation and shaping with this powerful tool, perfect for crafting evolving soundscapes.

  • VolumeShaper 4: The next level of volume modulation, offering advanced control over your audio dynamics.

  • WaveShaper CM 1.0.0: A plugin that lets you distort, mangle, and reshape your sounds with surgical precision.

Installation Tips:

To make the most of Cableguys’ innovative plugins, follow these installation instructions:

  1. Before installing the new versions, ensure that any old versions are uninstalled and that the Cableguys folder in C/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/ is deleted.

  2. Launch the provided SymLink Installer.cmd as an administrator. Make sure it’s executed exactly as indicated in the release.

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