Cinesamples – Drums Of War 3

A collection of beautifully recorded and mastered drums for the modern producer. A new era of cinematic percussion has arrived that demands depth, definition, and punch. Drums of War 3 is here to meet that demand. Designed to be crisp and massive, Drums of War 3 was recorded and mixed to maintain clarity and deliver the score-correct sound you’ve come to expect from the Cinesamples team. 

With high-quality audio and a user-friendly design that optimizes both performance and detailed programming, Drums of War 3 is a must-have for the modern action, suspense, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy producer.

  • All Hits + Rolls
  • Group
  • Snare Group
  • Snare All
  • Djun All
  • Tom All
  • Tom Doubles
  • Bass Drum
  • Surdo
  • Gong
  • Djembe
  • Bumba
  • Snare Center
  • Snare Left
  • Snare Right
  • Tom High
  • Tom Mid High
  • Tom Mid Low
  • Tom Low
  • Tom Lowest
  • Djun High
  • Djun Mid
  • Djun Low
Drums Of War Complete Bundle

Now available on the root tracker in full. Today the collection consists of three libraries:

Cinesamples – Drums Of War 1 – Deep Cinematic Percussion

Cinesamples – Drums Of War 2 – Deep Cinematic Percussion Expansion

  • Download Cinesamples – Drums Of War 3 (KONTAKT)
  • Original Publisher: Cinesamples
  • Category: Kontakt Library, Sound Libraries
  • Requires: KONTAKT (6.7.1+)
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 1.85 GB

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