Keepforest – Berserkr Pro – Tribal Punk Folk Drums

Description: A timeless realm of battle, fury and ritual: Embark on a journey through ancient legends, steeped in knowledge and medieval ferocity. Berserkr will take you to brutal battlefields, shamanic ceremonies and ancient tales. Berserkr is more than just a library of sounds, it is a portal that breathes life into these sagas.

Featuring our advanced rhythm sequencing and randomization algorithm, Berserkr gives you the power to summon the spirits of the ancients, allowing you to effortlessly create unique and evolving drum beats at the touch of a button, imbue your music with the essence of time-honored tales, and discover a myriad of creative paths waiting for you to explore.

Tribal Essence: Explore wild nature and a deep connection to the tribal past, where the primal essence of ancient shamans is felt. This collection features many authentic sounds taken directly from period materials. 

Immerse yourself in the echoes of skin strikes, the varied textures of different types of wood, the rustling of leaves, the mesmerizing crackling of fire and much more. These evocative sounds are perfect for creating an atmosphere that will transport you back to prehistoric times.

Punk Infusion: A hint of punk-style sustain, crunch or distortion can work wonders, don’t you agree? While each loop has been flawlessly mixed and harmonized, we’ve cleverly added a little edge to ensure that our sound, and therefore your compositions, truly shine across all spectrums.

Folk Roots: We carefully recorded the authentic sounds of swords, the rustle of leather coin pouches, the playful ringing of tambourines and the mesmerizing charm of nyckelharpa and cello. Immerse yourself in this rich sonic tapestry and let your compositions echo the spirit of knights, swordplay and old country tales.

Drums Reimagined: Try our state-of-the-art sequencer, which gives you the ability to change patterns, create new ones and masterfully manipulate them in a variety of ways thanks to additional dynamics sequencers and an enhanced Groove Maker with amazing Probability features. This innovation opens up a whole new level of control over your rhythm patterns, making rhythm creation fun and creative.

Enhanced Creativity: Berserkr offers a huge collection of looping loops (8-32 samples per loop) that have been carefully recorded and mixed to perfection. Whether you choose to use them on their own or as a layer in combination with your existing libraries, they will add rich character and depth to your music. 

These versatile sounds are especially well suited for adding depth to the trailer and soundtrack music, especially those that echo the themes of epic battles, historical dramas and mystical stories.

Berserkr PRO: Explore 244 instrument patches, including 62 main patches, 97 multi-instrument patches, and a variety of sound designs. It boasts 44GB of pristinely recorded samples. This edition features a variety of pattern generation patches, available in both audio and “nki” formats. It features a three-level folder navigation system for organized access. The Pro version is ideal for those who need a wide range of sounds.
  • 240+ NI Kontakt Patches
  • 90+ NI Kontakt Multi-Patches
  • 370+ NI Kontakt Elements
  • 4500+ Custom Rhythm Settings
  • Custom FX Settings
  • Download Keepforest – Berserkr Pro – Tribal Punk Folk Drums (KONTAKT)
  • Original Publisher: Keepforest
  • Category: Kontakt Library, Sound Libraries
  • Requires: KONTAKT (7.5.2+)
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 21.51 GB

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