Credland Audio – BigKick v1.9.4 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Big Kick: professional drum synthesizer for electronic and pop -music.
Why BigKik?
Great Bass: Create a drum that’s perfect for your bass.
Fast and Frustrating: Reduce hours of searching for samples.
Reuse your existing drum sample library.
Incredibly useful instant sample export using drag and drop.
No complicated envelopes to set up, just smart knobs for instant results.

An extensive factory library and 16 add-on packages are available.
Customized barrels.
Easily integrates with your existing sample libraries.
Easier to use than any other barrel maker.
High pass filter without phase shift.
Multiple outputs, autoplay, overdrive, drag-and-drop export and many more features.
If you find a common style of kick that it cannot reproduce, please send us a sample. We will fix this in the next version.

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