Cymatics – LoFi Bundle (MIDI, WAV)

Producer’s Week: Lofi Bundle
New collection of unique melodies, guitar loops and piano compositions, perfect for Lofi music. Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies
Our most popular melodic series is back! Gems Vol. The 22 are filled with incredible Lofi-style tunes processed in analog mode.The team recently got a bunch of new equipment to work on them, so this time they looked very unique. Each melodic loop has its own basics and a MIDI file, so you have a lot more opportunities to work on when it comes to creating the next track. Lofi – Guitar Loops Vol 2
Our latest collection of incredibly warm and nostalgic Lofi style guitar samples.We decided to give everyone another guitar package as everyone loved Lofi Guitars Vol. 1. Inside you will find a variety of guitar loops with analog processing, perfect for creating lofi-style tracks. Boom – Piano Compositions
Professionally recorded full-length piano compositions, each filled with a mass of emotions.We approached these new piano semples differently than in the past, working with a professional pianist on creating full-length compositions, and not just “loops”.


Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies

20 samplesLofi – Guitar Loops Vol 2
30 samplesBoom – Piano Compositions
10 samples

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