Cymatics – Mercury Production Suite + 4 exclusive bonuses (MIDI, WAV)

Mercury is a great example of how cymatics melodies have evolved over the past year.
The production team refined a new approach to tune loops, leading to some of our most popular packs of all time, such as Zodiac and Destiny.
Mercury has 100 professional composition loops that are divided into 3 sections – Vintage, Lofi and R&B.
Emphasis on live instruments such as guitar, bass, drums / percussion, piano, vintage synths and more.
Create complete compositions instead of simple loops. This means that each cycle consists of several sections and interesting arrangements.
Collaboration between our best producers and musicians, allowing everyone to focus on their strengths and create the best samples possible.
Live soul and RnB vocals over many tracks

100 Mercury Melodies
40+ Elements: Percussion Loops
40 Divinity: Vocal Loops
25 Yosemite: Drum Loops

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