D16 Group – Antresol 1.2.1 VST, AAX x86 x64

Antresol is an Electric Mistress pedal flanger. The plugin offers a wide range of independently adjustable parameters for the left and right channels. Bringing classic stomp box back to life, we’ve created an effect that will appeal not only to guitarists, but also to instrumentalists and producers of almost every genre: whether it’s rock guitar riffs or melodic synth lines, you’ll find that heightened attention to sonic detail combined with The flexibility afforded by modern technology at Antresol makes it an excellent example of how flanging should be used in the modern era.
The original, conceived in the mid-70s, quickly became the benchmark for flanger-type effects, offering a unique rich character defined by sumptuously harmonious interacting resonances and has been heard in countless classical recordings ever since. That’s why D16 couldn’t resist the opportunity to resurrect the soul of this classic in its modern incarnation in the Antresol plug-in, the newest effect in the SilverLine collection!
Emulation of an analog device based on BBD (bucket brigade delay – a delay line on a charge coupled device).
Independent control of the parameters of each stereo channel.
Stereo processing modes: L / R or M / S.
Mistress mode for simulating classic flanger operation.
3 ways to modulate BBD using LFO.
Nice musical sound.
Presets browser.
MIDI training.
Internal computing with 64 bits.

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