Dear Reality – Plugins Collection

Dear Reality is a leading company in the field of immersive audio controllers, known for its binaural, Ambisonics and multi-channel encoders with absolutely realistic room virtualization. The company’s products are used worldwide by sound engineers, sound designers, broadcasters and musicians.

Description of included plugins
dearVR MIX v1.12.0.2 : dearVR MIX turns any studio headphone into a world-class stereo mixing room with carefully crafted acoustics – all powered by advanced spatial audio technology. Gain the confidence to monitor your session in multiple virtual reference rooms and mix with professional studio headphones relying on the spatial compensation of Dear Reality headphones.

dearVR MONITOR v1.13.1 : Enter your ideal virtual mixing room and mix in any format, anytime, anywhere using headphones. Don’t be limited by room acoustics and the lack of multi-channel speakers.

Exoverb MICRO v1.1.0: Boost your stereo mix with the realistic and spacious EXOVERB MICRO reverb. This compact audio plugin runs on the same proprietary reverb engine as its big brother EXOVERB. Choose from 8 expertly crafted acoustic scenes for truly authentic sound in today’s audio production. Simplify mixing with an intuitive triangular pad to perfectly balance late reverb, early reflections and dry signals.

MIYA v1.0.0: Resynthesize your sound based on its DNA and go from minor changes to a full aggressive reconstruction. Using adjustable harmonics, MIYA creates a wide range of permutations of the original input signal, from subtle textures to eerie distortion and even massive sub-harmonics. Amplify your sounds so they cut through the mix, making them sound like a synth.

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