DJ Swivel – The Sauce 1.2.2 VST3, AU (macOS)

This plugin is DJ Swivel’s premium vocal processing tool.
The Sauce brings you all the ingredients you need to creatively transform your vocals in one simple plugin. Yes, it sounds great on both drums and instruments. Find your taste with The Sauce now!
Create and modify the pitch and formant modulation of both monophonic and polyphonic sounds in real time. These effects are commonly used to manipulate vocals, giving them the “vocal chop” sound that can be heard in countless pop, dance and hip-hop hits. But if you’re adventurous, try the drums, you won’t be disappointed!
Each sauce needs some sugar and spices. Add a choice of harmonic saturation or distortion overdrive with the Spice knob, and chorus or flanger effects with the Sugar knob.
Use these two parallel compressor options to tame or aggressively compress the input signal. These two compressor options can also be powered from the side chain input. Add some air with 3 different convolutional reverb options, all modeled after some of DJ Swivel’s favorites from the past and present. This knob is thought of as a mix knob, allowing for 100% processed signal, allowing the Sauce to be used as an FX return.
There is a Drip function – this is a classic modern delay and echo modulation with built-in high and low pass filters, as well as the possibility of ping-pong. Simple but effective.
The Sauce allows you to process all of the above effects as a whole or separately on three user-definable multiband layers. This opens up endless possibilities for sounds and effects that have never been heard before and that are currently not available in a separate plugin like

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