Excite Audio – Lifeline Series WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU x86 x64

The Lifeline series has been designed to bring sound to life. Lifeline Expanse mimics the space and characteristics of real world recording environments and re-amplification techniques, Lifeline Console focuses on mixing in the control room, bringing you the sound of in-demand equipment and analog formats in your DAW.

A small description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
Console : The Lifeline series continues with the Lifeline Console, a creative, modular channel strip that brings the warmth and charm of analog sound processing to life.
Expanse : The Lifeline series begins with Lifeline Expanse, a vast and intuitive multi-effect that breathes life into any sound by adding character, space and width.
How to install (Specific for MAC users)
Just Install!!
CONSOLE: Place pre-generated license file named “26f1529937b5a4abed6b6936585cb667” in ~/Library/Application Support/
EXPANSE: Place pre-generated license file named “16f1929937b5acabed6b693658ccb667” in ~/Library/Application Support/

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