FKFX Audio – FX Bundle

Unleash your creativity
FKFX plugins are designed by Nicolas Lacumette, former creator Devine Machine, award-winning plugin designer, musician, core DSP code designed by Laurent De Soras (ex Ohm Force).

Description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite)

Influx v1.8.5 : Instant “Sonic Retox” engine with powerful FLUX resonator module, enhanced with Low Pass and Tube distortion features.
Noise Bleach v1.5.2 : Noise Bleach effectively removes excess noise or unwanted resonances without losing dynamics, turning any instrument or voice into its purest version almost instantly.
Obvious Filter v1.9.5 : The Obvious Filter modulation matrix gives you complete control over your sound. 39 rare oscillators, including emulations of some legendary synths, and a host of advanced features such as polyrhythmic tempos, drawing pencils, square and line, and numerous features in the Morph Editor let you shape your sound exactly the way you want.

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