GG Audio – Spin 1.3.0 (WIN/OSX)

GG Audio announced the release of Spin, an incredibly detailed simulation of several classic rotary speakers. The Spin includes the Leslie 122 and 147, the regular high-powered model and the famous Yamaha RA200.
When your sound is passed through a rotating speaker, something magical happens and there is nothing quite like it.
If you prefer a tone with some overdrive, the Spin will come in handy. 3 separate simulators of the classic 40-watt amplifier contained in a 122/147 rotary speaker give you everything from a little warmth to something crispy to the well-known “hot eggs”. Why 3 versions? Because different sets of lamps result in slightly different performance. We have arranged them in order of increasing advantage. We’ve also included the High Gain setting, which emulates the acclaimed British guitar amp, appreciated for its amp and distortion style, more suited to the Steppenwolf and Jon Lord sound types.
Spin comes with a great simulator of the classic 122 and 147 rotary speakers, but we took it a step further with a custom “high power” version that simulates a rotary cabinet that was previously only available to professionals. Although it is very similar to the classical one, it has its own sound.
For something a little out of the ordinary, check out the RA200 cabinet. Based on a rare cabinet, this is a unique rotary speaker with 3 rotary tweeters and 2-15 ” woofers. Spin also features a simulation of a British guitar amp cabinet with 4 – 12 “speakers.
Each engineer has their own special way of picking up sound from the rotator, and Spin has all the possibilities. Close the mic for an intense, pulsating sound, or something smoother. Move them apart for dreamy stereo distribution, or set them close together for mono output. Place microphones in the front of the cabinet for a smooth tone, or in the back of the cabinet for a little more presence. Spin also lets you choose between dynamic and condenser microphones.
Features :
Classic 122, 147 and “high power” modeling.
RA200 cabinet emulation (Pink Floyd fans will rejoice!)
Simulation of a British guitar amp cabinet.
Reverb with room sizes and Pre & Post modes.
4 microphones including a choice of condensers.
Fully adjustable speed of rotation, acceleration and deceleration.
Turns on / off the rotor diffuser.
3-band equalizer.
Displaying a MIDI controller.
Low CPU usage.
4 wood finishes – Team R2R

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