Ghost Syndicate – Citadel

This hardened collection will definitely become your weapon if you want to give the dance floor crowd a real wartime experience. Building on a solid rhythmic foundation, it features cast-iron midbasses forged in the cauldrons of a blazing atmosphere. And equipped with plenty of synths and FX, this arsenal is formidable enough to make your rivals raise the white flag.

Size 611 mb
BPM 100/105/110
Atmosphere Loops 19
Bass Loops 71
Drum Loops 21
Hat Loops 21
Top Loops 21
Percussion Loops 46
Kick & Snare/Clap Loops 21
Synth Loops 35
Fx Loops 26
Kicks 62
Claps 12
Snares 28
Percussion Hits 43
Hats 41
Fxs 13

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