Ghost Syndicate – SQZ ME Artist Pack (WAV)

Introducing SQZ ME Artist Pack : a workshop for tempering and shaping Dubstep & Grime melodies of the highest level. Each item in this neatly organized collection has been carefully weighed, meticulously measured and rigorously tested before entering your DAW. And rest assured, they all work just as perfectly when put together, all you have to do is create a unique recipe for your own signature sound.

Size 533 mb
BPM 140
Bass Loops 51
Drum Loops 18
Hat Loops 17
Top Loops 17
Percussion Loops 18
Kick & Snare Loops 18
Synth Loops 25
Fx Loops 22
Basses 8
Kicks 21
Snares 10
Claps 10
Percussion Hits 56
Hats 33

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