Groove3 Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained

Free Download Groove3 Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained Video Session.

Overview of Producing Professional Voice Overs

Studio guru Chris Vandeviver presents detailed video tutorials on voice acting! Learn how to record and create professional-sounding voices for advertising, films, vlogs, podcasts, and more. Chris will take you step by step from the very beginning, right through to exporting the final product. These voiceover tutorials are for those who are new to voiceover recording or just want a refresher course to get the best sound.

Chris welcomes you in and starts with the basics such as using the right recording environment and choosing the right microphone for the job, then how to set up the microphone and make sure your recording levels are correct. You’ll then see how to optimize your pre-recording work with proper dynamics, pitch, and mic distance, as well as tips for optimizing your time in front of the mic while recording.

Features of Producing Professional Voice Overs

  • Understanding your recording environment and choosing the perfect microphone
  • How to get those recording levels just right
  • Mastering microphone technique for the best sound
  • Tips for efficient and effective recording sessions
  • Editing and compiling takes to create seamless performances
  • Eliminating background noise, crackles, and other distractions
  • Removing plosives (those pesky popping sounds)
  • Cleaning up mouth noises for a polished delivery
  • Using equalization (EQ) for perfect vocal tone
  • Compression and de-pressing techniques
  • Adding those final pro touches and achieving the right loudness standards
  • Before-and-after comparisons to hear your progress

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Developer: Groove3
  • Format: Video tutorial
  • Author: Chris Vandeviver
  • Duration: 1h 40min
  • Download Size: 259 MB

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