Infected Sounds – Sphinx v5.0.0

Sphinx is a very powerful ROMpler software synthesizer plugin with a simple interface, suitable for any type of producer and genre. Easy to use. Very impressive interface with features and functionality. Sphinx makes the music production process less time-consuming and as simple as possible, offering the complexity and quality you need. Find the sounds you need quickly and easily and do what has always been important – making music.

Huge 1 GB high quality sound library.
Over 2000+ instruments and sounds divided into 14 categories.
Amazing sound library.

Variety of Sounds :
Solid basses and leads, epic strings, beautiful pianos, professional sounds are just the beginning.
Professional samples for all genres – from EDM to Bounce and Hip-Hop to Trance and Dance and everything in between.
Sphinx has a huge library of over 2000 sounds, all in high commercial quality.

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