inMusic Brands – BFD Dark Farm (BFD3)

Extension for the BFD3 drum module (Powerful drums ideal for metal, rock and all forms of heavy or aggressive music. )

Dark Farm
Hard-hitting drums ideal for metal, rock, and all forms of heavy or aggressive music
Recorded at Middle Farm Studios, world-renowned for their punchy live room
(3) Drum kits, including an all-copper kit by Q Drum Co .
(11) Cymbals
(3) Additional snare drums and (3) additional kick drums
(11) Mix-ready presets
(7) Groove Palettes and (287) individual Grooves to inspire creativity and take your heavy metal or hard rock production to the next level
Invoke the sinister power of BFD Dark Farm
Conjured in the thunderous live room of Middle Farm Studio, BFD Dark Farm includes an assortment of hard-hitting drums engineered to deliver a distinct roomy punch perfect for metal, hard rock, punk, and other forms of aggressive music. This premium BFD3 Expansion features three drum kits, including an all-copper shell kit from Q Drum Co. Copper drum shells are known for their punchy and controlled tone – perfect for cutting through a dense wall of distorted guitars. There’s also an entire suite of cymbals to choose from, including a 20” Crash of Doom and two hi-hat options, 15” K Light and 16” K Sweet. BFD Dark Farm includes over 30 fully articulated, multi-sampled instruments in all.
Recorded in a world-class live room
Opened in 2010 and located in South Devon, England, Middle Farm Studios has quickly become one of the most recognized and sought-after studios in the world for recording drums. The pitched ceiling and stone walls give the expansive live room a sound that excels at bringing percussion to life. To craft the sounds of BFD Dark Farm, our engineers took full advantage of Middle Farm’s vast arsenal of modern and vintage microphones, outboard gear, and the Trident Series 70 recording console that lies at the heart of the studio. All drums were recorded in collaboration with producer and studio owner Peter Miles, ensuring that the drum sounds of BFD Dark Farm realize the full potential of what’s possible from Middle Farm’s world-class live room.
Heavy Grooves
In addition to meticulously recorded drums, BFD Dark Farm also includes 287 individual Grooves across 7 Groove Pallets. These Grooves are suited for any genre of hard or heavy music such as metal, rock, alternative, doom, or prog. They’re the perfect spark to bring your next musical idea to life or to add to your latest production.
Install the library
Launch BFD3, go to the Tools – Set up content locations tab
Press the Search Folder button and specify the folder with the installed BFD Dark Farm library

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