inMusic Brands – BFD Horsepower (BFD3)

Library for the BFD 3.4 Drum Module (Extension for BFD3 with authentic American-style mix-ready drum sounds for a wide range of genres , from blues and alternative country to garage rock and folk)

Additional Information
Americana Expansion for BFD3
Drums for country, rock, blues and more
Mix-ready, expressive and authentic
Stick and brush kits each in 3 versions
Natural and 2 tastefully processed flavors
Gretsch USA Custom kit with 3 toms
Sabian hats, Zildjian cymbals
Gretsch snare with snares on and off
Character mics for mixing flexibility
BFD Horsepower is an expansion for BFD3 with authentic mix-ready Americana-style drum sounds for a wide range of genres from blues and alt-country to garage rock and folk.
The included Gretsch USA Custom kit, Sabian hats and Zildjian cymbals are recorded with a perfect balance between vintage dirt and modern punch.
BFD Horsepower’s stick and brush kits are presented in 2 distinct processing styles alongside an unprocessed version. The result is a total of 6 kits instantly usable and inspiring in varied songwriting and production settings, with high levels of detail for maximum playability with electronic drums.
The personality of the sounds stems from drum treatment, mic and processing techniques. Warm ribbon-mic room ambience is accompanied by several ‘character’ channels with saturated vintage tones, custom plate processing and even a unique trash can mic for lo-fi dirt. Snares were damped with paper and tea towels with the rest of the kit left untreated and tuned to the room for an open and vibrant sound that effortlessly slots into your mixes.
This is an updated library from inMusic Brands. The installer is original, with the exception of changing the serial number in one of the files to bypass the library activation later
Install the library
Launch BFD3, go to the Tools – Set up content locations tab
Press the Search Folder button and specify the folder with the installed BFD Horsepower library

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