Surreal Machines – FX bundle 06.2022

Includes Impact v1.1.1, Diffuse v1. 3.1, Modnetic v1.3.1.
Add. Info :
-IMPACT is designed to help with narrower, detail-oriented transition shaping goals.
The multi-channel processor switches between one, two or three bands of transient modification – this means
that different bands can be adjusted independently, so if you want to emphasize the attack of some airy
hi-hat, at the same time in the same sample. When blunting the attack of a low rumbling kick, you can do this by
simply adjusting the Attack and Sustain controls for each frequency band.
-MODNETIC gives you four powerful effects in one: superb analog tape emulation,
extremely realistic spring reverb selection, bucket brigade chorus/flanger/phaser and classic tone.
Analog sound on the one hand, but digital clarity and impossible tricks on the other, such as classic digital phasers,
reverse tape, and click-free real-time routing options. It’s durable enough for both live performance
and your studio transformation.
-DIFFUSE is an analog/digital hybrid – a simulated analog delay
combined with the classic reverb design used in early digital devices.

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