[IO Music Academy / Third Son] How I Produce with Third Son

IO Music Academy Third Son How I Produce with Third Son - audiostorrent.com

In this exclusive five-day course, you’ll get, in the artist’s own words, “all the great little tips I’ve picked up during my time as a music maker.” Designed to offer a truly fresh perspective on synthesis and music production, this course will focus on how to maximize creativity with hardware gear and design sounds from scratch. You will also be given an inside look into his journey through the music industry as he discusses how he’s turned his label Polymath into a successful business.

Day 1 – Studio Setup and Getting Started
Part 1 (28:42)
Part 2 (28:55)
Part 3 (26:04)

Day 2 – Synthesis
Part 1 (33:22)
Part 2 (54:31)

Day 3 – Drums and Percussion
Part 1 (38:45)
Part 2 (14:14)
Part 3 (28:26)

Day 4 – Arranging
Part 1 (45:12)
Part 2 (33:04)

Day 5 – Mixing and Music Business
Part 1 (40:12)
Part 2 (42:40)

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