KIT Plugins – BB N105 1.1.0

BB N105 is not just a plugin; it’s an entire sonic journey. Crafted by KIT Plugins in collaboration with John McBride and his illustrious team, this plug-circuit emulation strip encapsulates the essence of the iconic Studio A console at Blackbird Studio. Get ready to embark on a musical adventure that mirrors the magic of this legendary console, cherished by countless artists.

The Remarkable Neve 8078 Console at Studio A, Blackbird

Studio A’s Neve 8078 console is far from ordinary; it’s a piece of audio history. When John McBride acquired this console for the studio, it underwent a meticulous restoration process to reclaim its former glory. Renowned audio industry experts left their mark on this console, making it not just unique but possibly the finest specimen of its kind.

Behind the Emulation

Our journey into the heart of Studio A’s console began with an in-depth exploration of its legendary channel. We delved into factory schematics, observed how top-tier manufacturers and engineers harnessed its power, and dissected the elements that made it extraordinary. Armed with this knowledge, our engineers embarked on a mission to faithfully capture the essence of Studio A’s sound.

A Precise Emulation

Every aspect mattered – from EQ, saturation, and noise to distortion, depth, width, and the all-important musicality. We meticulously sampled a channel within the console, ensuring that we left no stone unturned in replicating its distinctive character. The journey continued as we routed the channel through the Master B bus, capturing the essence of the sound that defined Studio A.

John McBride’s Stamp of Approval

To immortalize this emulation, we used John’s favorite analog-to-digital converters, ensuring that every sonic nuance was preserved. The result? A plugin that we wholeheartedly believe encapsulates the full glory of the Neve 8078 console.

BB N105 isn’t just a plugin; it’s a tribute to the rich history and unparalleled sound of Studio A. It’s an opportunity for every musician, engineer, and producer to infuse their work with the timeless magic that made this console legendary. Welcome to a world where vintage warmth and modern convenience collide, and where the spirit of Studio A lives on in every note you create.

Studio A Sound

Are you ready to experience the legendary Neve 8078 console’s sonic glory? With BB N105, you hold the key to unlocking that iconic sound and infusing it into your music. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of audio history. Embrace the Studio A legacy and make your music truly legendary.

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