Klevgrand – Pana v1.0.0 (Win, MacOS)

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Pen panning for human ear
Pana is a sophisticated stereo instrument designed to position sound more elegant and natural than conventional balance pan.
Panning an audio signal can be done in several ways, the most common of which is to change the volume on one channel. This is a CPU efficient way (and in many cases the best) to achieve a sound positioning feel. This feature is built into almost every DAW and mixing console.
Another way is to add a short delay to one of the channels – the Haas method. This makes the sound richer, but it can also make the sound a little unnatural.
A more elegant way is to apply a low pass filter to one of the channels. This maintains sound energy on both channels, but at the same time forces the sound to be positioned. This works very well with transitional rich sounds such as drums or other percussion instruments.
Pana uses both delay and filtering techniques to achieve more natural positioning. This makes Pana a very versatile tool for most types of sounds, and having all of these features in one plugin ensures excellent mixing quality. To top it all off, there is also a crossover filter that allows the low frequencies to be left completely untouched, allowing the bass to remain fully centered to prevent the mix from tipping to one side.

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