Komorebi Audio – Neo Electronica – Serum Wave Presets (SYNTH PRESET)

“Neo Electronica – Serum Wave Presets” is a collection of futuristic and whimsical Hardwave presets for Serum inspired by modern wave music, hardware and alternative
electronic music.
Inside you’ll find Eurotrance-inspired lead sounds, moody and evolving reese bass, deep pad swells and unique plucked tones.
This pack is the fifth in our series of Serum presets dedicated to
the more whimsical and visionary side of underground electronic music. All
sounds have been carefully crafted by Skit from scratch.
If you want to beef up your artillery with some powerful and unique
serum hardware presets, this set will help you!

Additional Information
In total, this preset pack contains 50 presets, which consists of 17 bass presets, 2 drum presets, 12 lead presets, 5 pad presets, 13 pluck presets & 1 sequencer.
All presets are compatible with Xfer Serum V1.304 or later.
Inspired by artists like Drip-133, Blank Body, Yung Gud, Mssingno, Skeler, Deadcrow & Juche.

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