Komorebi Audio – Trance Wave & Midtempo Glitch (WAV)

“Trance Wave & Midtempo Glitch” is a hybrid set that takes inspiration from current Wave, Hardwave and Midtempo production styles.
This pack features futuristic EDM drums, dystopian pads and cyberpunk-inspired bass lines, while resampled real-world instruments like kalimba and guitar provide a
respite from the electronic onslaught.
Anyone who creates dark, futuristic electronic music will find
something to love in this set. If you’re looking for character melodies, warm
wide pads and powerful drums, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this pack.
This sample pack was created by producer REMNANT.exe in Utah, USA and distributed by Komorebi Audio. Inspired by the sound of Daniel Deluxe, Vangelis, Main
Engine, and Massive Attack.

  • 21 Arp loops
  • 13 Bass loops
  • 5 Guitar loops
  • 7 Kalimba loops
  • 20 pad loops
  • 24 Synth loops
  • 10 Full drum loops
  • 10 Glitch drum loops
  • 10 No kick loops
  • 10 Hihat & percussion loops
  • 10 Hihat one shots
  • 9 Kick one shots
  • 5 Percussion one shots
  • 16 Snare one shots
  • 13 Bass one shots
  • 5 Guitar one shots
  • 2 Mallet one shots
  • 11 Pad one shots
  • 36 Synth one shots

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