Krotos Audio – Concept 1.1.0 Audio - Concept 1.1.0

Krotos Concept is a VST-synthesizer in which everything can be modulated. Even modulators can be modulated.
Krotos Studio has introduced its first virtual instrument, the Krotos Concept synthesizer. The main feature of the instrument in its strong bias towards modulations is that the synthesizer is based on a powerful modulation engine that changes the signal from any source in any direction.

At a glance, the Concept looks like just another virtual analog subtractive synthesizer. Two oscillators, different sound waveforms, detuning, frequency modulation and change depth settings. There is also an ADSR envelope, multi-mode filter, overdrive, reverb with the ability to load your own impulses. Actions with synthesizer components are animated by the interface, everything is quite simple and clear.
If you dig a little deeper, the main feature of the development becomes clear – a powerful and rich modulation section. In the center of the interface is an impressive modulation section, in which you can modulate almost anything. You can change the sound of oscillators, filters, effects, and other components. You can even modulate the modulators themselves or connect an external source (plugin or program) as a modulator. In general, space and joy for lovers of synthesis.

In action it looks like this:
Several types of envelopes, LFOs, as well as the XY Capture function are available to users. The latter is especially interesting: you can draw your own automation curves and sound waveforms, and the synthesizer will generate a sound based on the information entered. Additionally, Krotos Concept is equipped with a randomization engine, which allows not only to bring chaos to the work of the synthesizer, but also to control the number of changes made.

The output is an interesting instrument with the ability to create unique sounds through modulation.

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