Krotos Audio – Reformer Pro 1.1.6 VST, AAX x64

KrotosAudio ReformerPro -

Real-time sound effects
Krotos Audio introduced Reformer Pro, a new sound design plug-in that lets you automate various tone settings and play any sound in real time. The device is based on “Dynamic Input” technology, through which the developers promise to “take the procedural processing of audio based on the manipulation of samples to a new level, as well as open up previously unexplored territories of sound design.”
Create, automate and execute sound effects in real time. Your best sound design job is when you get the right sound out of your head, in sync with the stage. Reformer Pro offers a new and intuitive way to create sound, helping you achieve it as quickly as you can imagine.
Discover inspiring ways to improve your sound design workflow. Reformer Pro’s patented technology allows you to quickly perform Foley, add textures and easily replace any sound, saving you hours of editing.
Create Foley, animal, sci-fi movie or impact sound effects instantly and intuitively in your DAW, saving you hours of editing. Easily capture subtle movements and nuances that enhance the quality of your project.
Analyze your own recordings and sound effects with the Reformer Pro analysis tool, bringing them to life and transforming them into workable assets.

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