The Cargo Cult – Envy 1.1.6 STANDALONE, AAX x64

Green-eyed monster of sound design. Envy are envelopes: you take the characteristics of one sound and apply them to another.
It looks like morphing, but it really isn’t. It’s part dynamics, part vocoder, but you won’t be using it for either of these purposes. Officially, this is a modulation plugin, but it doesn’t even explain what it actually does.
Envy is a veritable set of tools for creating unique new material, adding texture to real-world recordings, or distorting sounds to create crazy sci-fi elements. It can put a wind recording into a machine gun, add wood to the legs, it can apply a drum pattern to a vacuum cleaner, or submerge vocals 6 octaves just for kicks …
Distort pitch and amplitude– Envy lets you bend, warp, massage, grind and rip your signal in very subtle or horrifyingly extreme ways. Pitch and amplitude envelopes are displayed in one place, so you can impose whimsical sound forms on unsuspecting noises.
Add new textures in record time – have you ever cut out a scene and would like to use another layer? Envy can turn a bunch of flat textures into a perfectly synchronized, completely natural-sounding set of alternating layers.
Vocal of demonic beings– Character Vox can be incredibly difficult, and as you know, getting the beast will not work. But stealth is Envy’s forte. Stack multiple continuous mammalian files and select from the eerily-speaking creatures that appear.

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