[LinkedIn, Lynda.com] Creating with Ableton Live Plugins and Instruments

Course description:
Explore the wide variety of powerful plugins and instruments in Ableton Live, the popular music production software. Instructor Rick Schmunk starts with an in-depth look at Sampler and how to create multi-sample presets, as well as overviews of the core instruments Electric, Collision, Analog, and Operator. Rick also covers audio and MIDI plug-ins through a variety of walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and examples.

About this course
1m 2s
What should you know
1. Sampler (Instrument):
Sampler intro
7m 38s
Sample playback
Prepare and load multisamples
9m 15s
Multisample instruments and key zones
13m 23s
Multisample instruments and velocity zones
10m 43s
FM modulation and pitch envelopes
8m 48s
Filter and amp envelopes
7m 31s
LFO modulation
8m 24s
Assign MIDI control
8m 10s
2. Electric (Instrument):
Electric intro: Hammers and tines
5m 35s
Damper and pickup in Electric
9m 19s
Creating classic EP sounds
8m 44s
Creating wide stereo EP sound
8m 32s
3.Audio plug-ins:
FX overview
10m 8s
Beat Repeat
9m 26s
Resonators part 1
6m 34s
Resonators, part 2
8m 8s
Multiband Dynamics
12m 38s
5m 39s
5m 47s
Vinyl Distortion
6m 34s
Working with external devices
6m 38s
EQ and filters
10m 53s
10m 32s
Side chain processing
8m 17s
Using delays
9m 13s
Echo intro
7m 50s
Echo advanced features
7m 58s
Saturator and Pedal
10m 6s
Drum Buss
8m 56s
12m 14s
4 Collision (Instrument):
4m 12s
Excitator section
7m 39s
Resonator section, part 1
9m 16s
Resonator section, part 2
8m 55s
LFO section
9m 35s
Creating sounds with Collision
11m 4s
5. Live Mixer:
13m 2s
Group tracks
8m 32s
Sends and returns
9m 22s
Routing and resampling
10m 48s
Headphone cues
5m 49s
7m 30s
Chord and Scale
7m 23s
7.Max 4 Live:
M4L LFO plugin
8m 38s
M4L Shaper
7m 4s
Introduction to Analog
9m 48s
Origins of sound synthesis: Oscillators and oscillator waveforms
8m 6s
Create a richer sound with oscillator tuning
8m 3s
Analog’s hidden sub and sync oscillators
Use filters to sculpt the sound
12m 6s
Use a filter envelope to shape the sound
4m 49s
Create motion with filter modulation
8m 45s
Emulate a vintage synth with oscillator modulation
5m 24s
Create tremolo and stutter effects with amp modulation
9m 33s
Create a sidechain saw bass
13m 56s
Create a supersaw and mellow pad sound
16m 23s
Create a growl bass sound
10m 30s
Create a vintage lead sound
8m 16s
9. Operator (Instrument):
Introduction to Operator
9m 59s
FM sound synthesis: Carrier and modulator oscillators
10m 13s
Choose an oscillator waveshape
8m 46s
Create custom oscillator waveshapes
3m 53s
Add low end with a “sub” oscillator
11m 23s
Use filters to sculpt the sound
11m 12s
Use a filter envelope to shape the sound
8m 31s
Create motion using modulation and LFOs
7m 44s
Create a processed EP sound
13m 6s
Create a house bass sound with sidechained sub bass
14m 24s
Creating an ambient FM pad sound
10m 46s
Creating a plucked synth sound
11m 6s
Next steps
Sample files : present
Video format : MP4
Video : MPEG-4 AVC, 1280x720p, 30fps, (16:9), ~800 kb/s
Audio : AAC LC, 48kHz, 2 channels, 128kb/s, stereo
Add. Information : In addition to English subtitles, there are also Russian subtitles. Translated using the Google Translate API.

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