MAAT – FiDef JENtwo v1.0.0 Incl Emulator-R2R VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

FiDef ® by FideliQuest is a very low amplitude psychoacoustic stimulus designed specifically for sound engineers.
This causes the receptive brain to relax and pay closer attention to the incoming sound stimulus.
In laboratory tests of brain physiology using functional neuroimaging techniques, it has been proven that
that FiDef stimulates brain activity associated with perception and attention, and enhances the subjective processes of listening and participation.
FiDef is a brand new tool for your audio toolkit. The FiDef sound didn’t get louder and the power spectrum didn’t change.
In fact, there is only the addition of what appears to be a veil of added noise. This noise is special, it’s a FiDef signal massaging your subconscious.
Add. Information :
FiDef JENtwo provides five profiles, each for different effects.
To make it easier to mentally match each profile with something less abstract and more intuitive,
you can rename them to your liking…
-TRUCKN: light sweetening (default)
-TRUCKN HUSH: lower perceived amplitude version of TRUCKN for wide dynamic content.
-SUTRO: Draws attention to frequencies above 8 kHz, resulting in a broader soundstage that emphasizes transient details.
-RESNO: Directs the listener towards the upper mids, giving vocals and other instruments extra texture.
-EVOSE: This Warm Straightforward Profile builds on RESNO and increases it to 11.
So let’s see which of us is superhuman …

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