Native Instruments – LONDON GRIT 2.0.1 Expansion

Experience the Power of BASS HEAVY GRIME

Unleash the raw energy of beats and heavy sub-bass, infused with icy distortion, atmospheric vibes, and a burst of color. Dive into the world of BASS HEAVY GRIME, a sonic masterpiece crafted by top artists from the underground grime scene.

Key Features:

  • 41 meticulously designed MASCHINE Kits.
  • 48 electrifying BATTERY Kits.
  • 29 cutting-edge MASSIVE presets.
  • 22 dynamic MONARK presets.
  • Tailored for the ultimate deep bass experience that will leave you feeling the boom.

Witness the Gritty Evolution:


Grime, the edgier sibling of UK garage, emerged from the shadows on pirate radio and underground Internet stations in and around London during the early 2000s. This genre, a fusion of hip hop and dance music, encapsulates the pulsating, bass-driven essence of jungle while intertwining dancehall rhythms, breakbeats, and an 8-bit PC music aesthetic. With notable MCs like Wiley, Stormzy, Skepta, and Dizzee Rascal seizing the spotlight, grime has transcended borders, captivating an ever-growing American audience.

Collaborative Brilliance:

LONDON GRIT is the result of a creative collaboration with talents such as Roll Deep’s Flowdan, Rinse FM’s JD. Reid, Compa, and Ripperman.

Unlock the Grime Revolution

Are you ready to embrace the evolution of sound? Dive into the realm of BASS HEAVY GRIME and discover the power of raw beats, earth-shaking sub-bass, and an electrifying atmosphere that defies boundaries.

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