Nomad Factory – Integral Studio Pack 3 v5.13.2

NomadFactory IntegralStudioPack3 -

Integral Studio Pack 3, a set of 50 incredible Nomad Factory plugins, everything, what you might need to get the most out of your audio sequencer host application in a professional studio environment!
From the warm analog sound of the Blue Tubes plug-ins, to the professional processing capabilities of the Analog Signature Pack, the full stunning Liquid Bundle 2 effects pack, the beautiful BlueVerb DRV-2080 and Essential Studio Suite for even better sound processing, Analog Mastering Tools and Retrology Series, Magnetic II, Cosmos and finally, the hot guitar simulator Rock Amp Legends, developed by “rock star” Jimmy Crespo…


Analog mastering tools.
Package of analog signatures.
Blue Tubes dynamics package.
Blue Tubes effects package.
Blue Tubes Equalizer Pack.
Analog trackbox Blue Tubes.
Blue Verb DRV-2080.
British set.
Standard Studio Suite.
Fluid kit II.
Magnetic II.
Motown retrology (music and film).
British retrology set.
Equalizers Retrology PulseTec.
Retrology ALL-TECH.
Rock amp legends.

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