Plugin Alliance – Unfiletered Audio Needlepoint v1.0.0

Authentic vinyl sound and more !
Unfiltered audio raises the bar (and lowers the arm) with Needlepoint: A revolution in vinyl simulation. Featuring a full suite of advanced physical modeling technologies, it offers deep immersion in the warm, fuzzy sound of turntable noises. Use it subtly for one of the most convincing vinyl emulations available, or push the needle far beyond realism for some seriously distorted sounds.

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Physical modeling for increased realism –
While many vinyl plugins use looped vinyl noise samples, Needlepoint uses physical modeling to achieve its incredible sounds. It synthesizes on the plate all types and sizes of detritus and defects: hair, dust mites, scratches, deformation and much more. They are not randomly modeled, but rather accurately distributed on a virtually rotating algorithmic platter.
Classic vinyl effects with next generation creative controls –
Change the emulation speed to change the tone of the Needlepoint, going beyond the usual RPMs like 33 1/3, 45 and 78, and even syncing the tempo to your DAW! Use the SPINDOWN button to create classic vinyl stop (and start) sounds. Set up WOW and FLUTTER and explore BROKEN mode to create unpredictable looping effects and harsh, glitchy phrases. Or use the granular pitch switch to achieve sliced ​​vibes without changing the speed of your tracks.
Powerful, intuitive and fun tone shaping –
In addition to noise, ambient and vinyl effects, Needlepoint includes other processors that will help you fully convey your atmosphere. Chief among these is the single-knob compressor, which recreates the known hardware sampler algorithms associated with vinyl-based beat-making, and can even simulate the analog distortion that occurs during the vinyl pressing process.
Sophisticated processing that’s easy to control –
With a nice looking and incredibly easy-to-use interface, plus an extensive set of hand-crafted presets, Needlepoint helps you take the nostalgic itch out of your productions and add a true analog groove to your tracks, no matter what you want. whether you want it to be thin. or beyond measure.
Physically simulated vinyl emulation for a convincing nostalgic sound degradation.
Choose from a variety of classic and custom player speeds.
Change your sound with continuous WOW, FLUTTER and PITCH controls that are easy to automate manually.
Use BROKEN mode for analog looping, stuttering and glitches.
SPINDOWN button for authentic vinyl stop and start effects.
Built-in compressor with one knob and 6 flavors.
Customizable interface with a choice of beautiful color schemes.
A complete set of handcrafted presets for subtle and harsh tones

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  1. hey can u guys please update Output` Arcade Library? it was updated last year and a ton of new samples been added since. cheers

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