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SIIKSounds SLCTDCollections -

SLCTD collections. is a large package of samples and presets with over 500 high quality samples and 135 Serum presets in predominantly deep house style. If you are struggling to find good sounds in this style then this pack is the right choice for you to expand your collection of sounds.
100% royalty free!

Requirements: Serum v1.301 or later

✔ Works on all Serum compatible DAWs.

Over 635 unique designs, including:
Sample package:
– 170 drums (claps, cymbals, kicks, percussion, shakers, clicks, snares)
– 70 drum loops (overhead loops, percussion loops)
– 55 FX (atmospheres, noise effects, noises, transitions)
– 135 synths (including bass frames , melodic loops, synth frames, reverse delays and more)
– 6 constructors (from demo tracks)
Preinstalled package:
– 40 basses
– 26 plucks
– 23 leads
– 14 drums
– 10 chords
– 12 synths
– 4 pads
– 3 effects
– 3 arps

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  1. Every time I try to download a link, I get a warning about a malicious domain request from This site has become useless.

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