Polyverse Music – Infected Mushroom Manipulator v.1.4.9

Polyverse Music Manipulator is a groundbreaking vocal processor that empowers musicians, producers, and vocalists to sculpt sound in ways previously unimaginable. Developed in collaboration with acclaimed musicians, this innovative plugin follows the success of their earlier release, the I Wish plugin, and takes sonic manipulation to new heights.

A Vocal Transformer’s Toolbox:

Polyverse Music Manipulator boasts an impressive array of 10 distinct pitch-shifting and tone-altering effects. Whether you’re looking to add spatial choirs, granular textures, or robotic speech to your vocals or melodic instruments, Manipulator has you covered. It can be used as both a standalone effect and a virtual instrument with MIDI controllers, providing endless creative possibilities.

A Favorite of Infected Mushroom:

Notably, the talented musicians of Infected Mushroom harnessed the power of Manipulator during the creation of their latest single, “Nutmeg.” This plugin’s ability to metamorphose natural vocal tones into otherworldly textures and sonic landscapes makes it a go-to choice for innovative artists seeking to push the boundaries of sound.

Unveiling the Effects Arsenal:

At the core of Polyverse Music Manipulator are five essential effects:

  1. Rhythm: A rhythmic transformation effect that adds dynamic motion to your audio.
  2. Harmonic Shift: Alter the harmonic content of your sound for unique tonal shifts.
  3. Formant Shift: Modulate formants to create distinct vocal qualities.
  4. Granulation: Achieve intricate granular textures and sonic complexity.
  5. Frequency Modulation: Experiment with frequency modulation for rich, evolving soundscapes.

Enhanced Vocal Creativity:

To elevate your vocal experimentation, Manipulator includes a dedicated effects section. Here, you’ll find powerful tools such as a detuner, stereo expander, and glider, adding depth and character to your sonic explorations.

Real-Time Performance:

With exceptional real-time performance capabilities, Polyverse Music Manipulator is suitable for live concerts, enriching both vocalists’ and musicians’ onstage experiences. Seamlessly blend Manipulator with MIDI controllers to introduce captivating harmonic shifts and vocal transformations on the fly. The plugin supports the simultaneous playback of up to four sounds, enabling dynamic harmonization adjustments in real time.

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