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Your musical tone is an extension of your personality, and sometimes, the key to crafting a standout product lies in the nuances of customization. BIAS AMP 2, the ultimate virtual guitar amp designer, empowers you to delve deep into the world of sound by authentically recreating the tone and feel of real tube amps. With the ability to mix and match components, you have the freedom to create your perfect amp, making it an indispensable tool for musicians, producers, and tone enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re in the studio or rocking the stage, BIAS AMP 2 revolutionizes virtual amp design, offering the versatility to craft your ideal guitar tone.

Craft Your Dream Amp

1. Unleash Your Creativity: BIAS AMP 2 is your canvas for sonic experimentation. Its intuitive photorealistic interface allows you to create your dream amp from scratch, giving you control over every aspect. Swap tubes, fine-tune preamps, experiment with power amps, transformers, tone stacks, and even multiple microphones and cabinet configurations. Regardless of your musical genre, be it classic rock, metal, jazz, blues, or singer-songwriter, BIAS AMP 2 empowers you to craft exclusive tones effortlessly.

2. AMP Match Magic: The AMP Match function takes your tone game to the next level. With BIAS AMP 2, matching the tone of any reference amp is as simple as importing an audio file. Even if you’re not well-versed in amplifier electronics, AMP Match can replicate the sound for you, ensuring that your tone aspirations become reality.

3. Explore Amp Packs: Enhance your tonal palette by loading custom amp packs. BIAS AMP 2 introduces two new configurable amp packs: Blues for clean, midrange-focused tones, and Bass for bass guitar amps and cabinets. Combine these options with the vast array of custom parameters, and you’ll have access to thousands of unique amp possibilities.

Elevate Your Sound

4. Dynamic Response: Working closely with artists, engineers, and recording studios, BIAS AMP 2 elevates the already hyper-authentic amp circuit emulation. The result is an enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range. With new tube models, transformers, dynamic tone control, and a redesigned guitar cabinet featuring multi-microphone capability, you now have the tools to explore and expand your sonic horizons.

5. BIAS & CELESTION Collaboration: In the world of speakers, Celestion stands as a trusted name in rock and roll history. BIAS AMP 2 has partnered with Celestion to make their impulse response (IR) integration smoother than ever. Say goodbye to third-party file downloads. Simply select your favorite Celestion speaker model and fine-tune the microphone placement—BIAS AMP 2 handles the rest.

6. Lush Reverb Options: With nine built-in reverbs, ranging from expansive halls to intimate rooms, BIAS AMP 2 offers complete control over reverb size and character. Explore different reverb types, advanced filtering, and saturation options, ensuring that your reverb needs are met, no matter the musical context.

Seamless Workflow

7. A Powerful Ecosystem: BIAS AMP 2 seamlessly integrates with the flagship BIAS FX software, creating a harmonious amp-and-effects environment by Positive Grid. Any custom amps crafted with BIAS AMP 2 are automatically accessible in your BIAS FX setup, serving as the foundation for your perfect ready-to-play tone. Begin with an amp tailored to your BIAS AMP 2 preferences, then transition to BIAS FX to layer on pedal effects and stompboxes. This revolutionary workflow simplifies the creation of your distinct custom tones.

8. Available Packages:

  • BIAS AMP 2 Elite
  • Celestion Classic Pack
  • Celestion Modern Vintage Pack

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