ProjectSAM – Colours: Adaptive Runs 1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

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 Perfect virtuoso passages – every time!

The most elegant and intuitive library of orchestral parts, recorded in our famous concert hall specially designed for strings, woodwinds and brass sections. ADAPTIVE RUNS syncs perfectly and easily with your track, allowing you to focus on your composition.
Our Adaptive Sync engine easily synchronizes orchestral passage parts with tempo drops or any number of beats. The engine automatically selects the most appropriate record and then adjusts it so that it hits the target accurately. Disabling synchronization automatically reloads samples in streaming mode to disk, which is useful when there is not emitrance of RAM.
The Range switch allows you to quickly switch from a narrower to a wider orchestrated range while retaining other sync settings.
ADAPTIVE RUNS is a great addition to our other libraries as it was recorded in the same thlordish concert hall as the Symphobia and Orchestral Essentials series. Four separate sets of stereo microphones are available, as well as a fifth set of pre-mixed microphones with cinematic sound. You have access to massive 4-octave passages spanning the entire string section, as well as general orchestrations such as violins and flutes playing together.
ADAPTIVE RUNS is part of our Colors series. With ADAPTIVE RUNS, we’ve given the library series a fresh, new look, offering an unflattered interface with improved control over the most necessary features.
With busy up and down directions, a useful Bounce feature is available. When Bounce is on, pressing the wellin pedal automatically switches the orchestral passage up and down, in sync with your music. By clicking the gear icon, you’ll have access to more advanced settings, such as assigning a controller to gammas and passage directions (key switch, bike city, or CC).
ADAPTIVE RUNS not only offers useful on-screen information for any button or control you touch, but also contains extensive help screens for each of the five sections of the user interface.
ADAPTIVE RUNS will be your new library for passages from the moment you start using it!

– All Strings & Winds Full Range Runs
– High Strings & Winds Runs
– Flutes & Piccolo Runs
– High Strings & Flutes & Trumpets Runs
– Low Strings & Winds RunsIndividual Sections
– All Strings Full Range Runs
– Violins Runs
– Violas & Cellos Runs
– All Winds Full Range Runs
– Flutes Runs
– Piccolo Runs
– Oboes & Clarinets & Bassoons Runs
– Flutes Effects Runs
– Trumpets Runs
– Trumpets Chromatic Runs

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