Psychic Modulation – EchoMelt 3.2

Completely rethinking the original, EchoMelt3 takes the concept of melting sound to a new level.

BPM melt modulation, host-synced pitch jumps, built-in single-knob chorus, and diversity echo are just some of the exciting features to explore. The EchoMelt3 features a saturation EQ for nice crunch, tape noise, and a dedicated Mondo control to push the whole effect into uncharted territory.
EchoMelt3 is a unique, whimsical and wide Dub Box full of weird surprises.

EQ: Simple yet versatile 3-band EQ with Lowcut switch
Saturation: Saturation has a pronounced character and shape control for extra crunchy distortion.
Melt Flow: A dual modulator for creating Wow and Flutter effects.
Melt Dropout: An amplitude modulator for creating audio degradation, stuttering and gating effects.
Melt Jump: A unique modulator for creating VHS-style erratic pitch swings to the beat of bpm.
BPM Melt: Each modulator can be tempo-synced and locked to the host position.
Chorus: Turn the Melt effect into a lush stereo chorus with a single knob.
Echo:Powerful dub slower with several cool features.
Beat Factor: A crossfade style slider for juggling different delay times.
Send control for melting the delay signal.
MondoMelt: A large knob for emphasizing various aspects of the overall effect.
Noise: Output control to emphasize tape hiss.
Sub Presets for each FX section.
Randomization controls for each FX section.
Custom GUI scaling.
Intuitive patch management system.
A few presets to get you started.

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