Purafied Audio – SLP 538 EQ v1.0.1

Purafied Audio SLP 538 EQ - audiostorrent.com

Rehabilitation for lovers of equalizer adjustment :
The SLP 538 EQ is your new channel EQ if you like to spruce up your mixes. We started with producer Sam Poor’s favorite, criminally underrated, stripped down version of Producer Sam Poor’s best-sounding console EQ. We then genetically cross-bred it with its direct competitor’s in-demand stepped-knob workflow, delivering the best of all hardware tone-shapers in one impossible plug-in. To make this the last EQ you’ll ever need, it also features auto gain to stop volume creep, built-in filters, phase inversion, and our must-have THD control. It sounds good on just about everything. Our goal is to make every EQ movement effective and obvious, cutting off variables so you get the sound you love as quickly as possible. Forget about hours of staring at yellow lines; it’s time to stop letting your eyes dictate your sound.

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