Rast Sound – Persian Vocals (KONTAKT)

audiostorrent.com-Rast Sound - Persian Vocals (KONTAKT)

We are very excited to release the 4th part of our World series Vocals from the real lands of the Middle East, Persian Vocals.
It is one of the first (if not the “first”) vocal library (including Kontakt instruments) from today’s Iran offered for use by producers and composers worldwide.

Persian Vocals offers a wide range of content and instruments for contemporary composers and producers (you). We have prepared a rich/colorful content of longer songs/poems/vibes, shorter phrases, natural and processed loops and, as usual, detailed multisampled instruments.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for beginners, vocal nuances, or specifically Iranian vocals for a project, you’ll be ready to use the Kontakt tools and fully accessible WAV content in this library to create modern electronic music.

450+ samples
215 long & short improvisations
185 multisamples
58 natural and processed loops
14 instruments including legato

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