Rob Papen – Predator-3 v1.0.0a

RobPapen Predator3 -

Predator-3 is the heir to the legendary synthesizer. Both versions 1 and 2 have inspired many artists and composers over the years and have appeared on countless music tracks! As before, it combines a large library of over 6,400 quality presets and advanced features, making it the ideal synthesizer for creating modern music of any kind.
The user interface has been redesigned so that all the main controls are displayed on the screen, making it interactive and incredibly easy to use.
With the Predator-3 we have integrated many new features into the arpeggiator, added Multi Envelopes, added “Audio Follower input” for side chain control, and last but not least, it also received the analog model sound code from BIT for uncompromising sound quality. for analog sound types or hybrid sounds with wave tables!
Come with a large collection of inspiring presets, the Predator-3 is a unique synthesizer concept that combines usability and sound design features in one amazing product.

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