Roland – VS SRX ORCHESTRA 1.0.8

The first software adaptation of Roland’s legendary SRX Orchestra, brings to your DAW some of the most beloved and recorded orchestral sounds in history .
SRX Orchestra contains hundreds of fresh, inspiring sounds for composers, movie accompaniments, or any situation where realistic orchestral sounds or vocals are needed. Flutes, clarinets, choirs and even powerful percussion stand out, along with patches that deliver multiple orchestral voices with a single keystroke. With over 425 orchestral patches and the ability to create and customize your own, SRX Orchestra is destined to become a legend for the second time.
Initially available only as a user-installable expansion board for popular SRX-compatible JV and Fantom hardware synths, Roland has modeled every aspect of these beloved cards down to the circuitry in software so that today’s musicians can use them in their favorite DAW. SRX Orchestra showcases:
Digital Board (DCB) behavior faithfully reflects every detail of the original SRX-based expansion
425 orchestral patches and 128 customizable slots
New user interface provides quick access to native controls and parameters

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