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Scuffham – Amps S-Gear 2.7.1 STANDALONE, VST, AAX x86 x64

Scuffham Amps announced the release of S-Gear, set software guitar amplifiers and effects.
World-class amp designs
Very accurate models of tube preamps and power amps.
Genuine tube amp dynamics.
Classic tone stack and filter configuration.
100% natural guitar tone and amp feel.
Masterfully crafted case emulation
Dual 64 bit twist processor.
The built-in case sends pulses to Redwirez.
Unique “Z” control of amplifier impedance modeling.
Import mono or stereo pulses in *.wav format.
Fine tuning with a specially designed equalizer.
Warm, music delay processor
Two characteristic delay modes: analog and tube.
Mono and stereo work.
Modulation and tone control.
Warm tape delay effect and BBD simulation.
Simple and Intuitive Interface
Organize your tones into presets, banks and kits.
Easy import and export of settings.
MIDI control of presets, banks and parameters (MIDI functions not available in v1.0).

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