Slink Bundle by Hypnus Records (.alp) 1.2

Slink Bundle
How liquid pens will sound when your touches flow in your musical compositions?
Slink allows you to combine sound with the physics of water. Filter, MIDI and two LFO versions act as powerful decision engines or subtle effects in any project.
All three devices are based on the unique Slink wave, which consists of 16 swirling knots. Each node acts like a drop in a circular motion, flowing organically in a user-controlled vortex.
Whether it’s a precise approach or spontaneous exploration, all Slink devices are sure to reward users of all technical levels, delivering endlessly mesmerizing and dynamic results with ease.
Developed by Alexander Berg and Michel Iseneld.
Collaboration with Chaos Culture.
Key Features
Unique Decision Making Experience
Intuitive controls and visual feedback
Easy to use with deep research potential
Internal modulation patch
Minimum Requirements
Ableton Live 10
Max 8.1.6
Purchases from require Ableton Live 11.
The Slink package uses the latest features of Max. Therefore, you need to have an updated version in order to use it. The upgrade is free if you have a Max for Live or Ableton Suite license.
You can download this version checker to any track in Ableton Live to see what version you have.
If you need to upgrade, visit the Cycling 74 website and follow these instructions.

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