Sonic Academy – Node v1.0.1

Sonic Academy Node -

Development of wave tables.
A point-to-point wavetable builder for creating completely unique sounds for your synths.
Draw and drag nodes to animate waveforms, or use vector curves to transform and stretch imported patterns.
Create single or multi-frame wavetables and export directly to Serum, Arturia Pigments, ANA2, Ableton Wavetable, VPS Avenger and KV331 Synthmaster
Choose from a variety of presets, from classic analog to aggressive digital waveforms, or use waveform templates to quickly create your own creations.

Key features and capabilities
The anatomy of NODE wavetables
breathes new life into sound design and waveform synthesis.
Available as a standalone VST, VST3, AAX, or AU application, NODE point-based animation and Bezier curves allow you to create completely unique wavetables.
Export them directly to your favorite softsynths to give your productions character and zest.
Choice of waveform templates
NODE includes basic waveforms: sine, sawtooth, triangle, pulse, square…. Load them in any order between 9 frames to generate new wavetables.
Vector Mode + Raster Mode
Click anywhere on the waveform to insert a node and start manipulating the shape’s shape.¬†Alternatively, use the supplied bezier curve algorithm to rasterize imported samples.
NODE’s understanding of wave synthesis
allows you to perform complex waveform and sample manipulation in a way not previously available in a standalone app or plugin.
With such endless sonic possibilities, it can be hard to find a starting point.

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