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Start small, build big – discover new sonic extensions with Spacer, a modular creative effects station that brings time and space together.

Detailed description
The Spacer reverb module provides the perfect foundation for adding depth and expansion to your sound. The effect is a classic algorithmic reverb with all the knobs you’d expect, meaning you can easily set any initial size or place it at the end of the chain to maximize lushness.
In addition to the algorithmic reverb, Spacer also features a Convolution module with 110 selectable impulse responses captured through a combination of recording and synthesis. Choose from three different categories: Hall for large spaces, Room for smaller spaces, and Synthetics for unique and creative spaces.
Combining the powerful Spacer grain engine with an advanced reverb, Grain Reverb is your creative effects module for creating a rich textured environment. Each of the individual grains of your processed sound is treated with its own reverb, which in turn creates many reflections that interact with each other to create an exciting layered effect.
by synchronizing the feedback signal to a bit, or by taking the looser approach of using milliseconds.
Spacer’s second granular effects module is Grain Delay, where you can break up your signal and send it into the void for a host of otherworldly reverbs. Along with the standard delay controls, the module’s granular parameters allow precise control over the size and behavior of the granules, and a pitch-shifting feature (based on the Zynaptiq ZTX LE).
The Utlities section is a two-page module containing additional tone shaping controls and a powerful polyphonic chorus. Amplify high-end radiance with Air or push your signal forward with mid-range presence control, give a vintage, aged look with Saturation, and spread out into the stereo field with Dimension and Haas effect options.
The Spacer has five effect modules that can be linked in any order to create endless combinations of effects, but are also designed to function as independent processing stations in their own right. Send your signal into orbit using algorithmic, convolutional, and granular reverbs, as well as simple and granular delay, to create fabulous overtones, shifting soundscapes, or modern atmospheres.
Spacer’s granular engine lets you create transformative spatial environments and motion effects by deconstructing your audio signal and then reassembling it in new ways to create 3D otherworldly sounds. The Grain Reverb and Grain Delay modules are dynamic, detailed effects that process your signal in real time with unique results. Both effects are based on Zynaptiq’s high-quality pitch-shifting technology, which provides a granular transposition ideal for creating ethereal tones or dark undercurrents.

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