Groove3 – Arturia Keyboards Explained

In this video course, studio guru Tyler Coffin takes you on an in-depth journey of the Arturia V Keyboard collection, teaching you how to get the most out of these incredible emulations of some of the most important keyboards ever made. You’ll learn how to tweak the various onboard parameters to not only achieve the legendary sounds for which these instruments are known, but also some more unique sounds that you can truly make your own. These videos are for new Arturia V Keyboards users.

1. Introduction & Overview (2:45)
2. User Interface & Basic Operation (5:34)
3. Clavinet V Controls (8:19)
4. Stage-73 V Controls (10:05)
5. Wurli V Controls (9:13)
6. Piano V Controls (13:24)
7. Preset Management & Browser (5:35)
8. Exploring Keyboard Sound Design (11:04)
9. Experimental Sound Design (15:12)
10. Review & Conclusion (2:37)

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