Spitfire Audio – Skaila Kanga Harp Redux V2.1 (KONTAKT)

audiostorrent.com-Spitfire Audio - Skaila Kanga Harp Redux V2.1

An updated version of the Skaila Kanga Harp Redux library (see spoiler)
Spitfire teamed up with leading virtuoso Skaila Kanga to create beautiful and detailed harp library recorded at Air Studios. Skaila is the first harpist in London to have played in numerous films and albums.
New in version
FIX: FX patch in “_Individual Brushes_” now has correct blue key mapping
FIX: Ostinatum now available in the main patches for all the short articulations
FIX: Harp pedaling no longer affects keyswitching/RR resets/etc.

ADDED: New unified UI to match the latest Spitfire releases
ADDED: ‘Persistent releases’. Release triggers no longer fade out when moving the mod wheel
ADDED: Stereo Collapse for the close mic functionality
ADDED: Per articulation mixing ability
ADDED: Harp pedaling control to flatten or sharpen the white keys to match a harp
ADDED: New FX articulation containing various harp FX
ADDED: New ‘Slid’ articulation allowing you to play custom glissandi
UPDATE: Velocity response adjusted for the Normale articulation
UPDATE: Moves the Harp to the ‘BML’ codebase with all its latest features and functionality
UPDATE: Latest version of the Ostinatum machine
UPDATE: Latest UACC specification implemented
FIX: Dynamics & Expression now do not conflict when assigning CC1/CC11 to sliders
FIX: Various bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes

Normale – normal playing
Près de la table – near the soundboard
Flageolet – harmonics
Sons étouffés – damped (sus ped up)
Laissez vibrer – let ring (sus ped down)
Bisbigliando – unmeasured trem
Glissandi – sweeps

Harp main techniques
Harp glissandi legato
Harp glissandi manual

individual patches :

Other brushes :
Harp main techniques – The Punch COG

Harpospheres :
Harposphere Synth – Atmoss
Harposphere Synth – Bass of the 80s
Harposphere Synth – BatCave Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Emptiness
Harposphere Synth – Ghosts in the system
Harposphere Synth – Growler Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Grungeslap Hit
Harposphere Synth – Impact Sub
Harposphere Synth – Jangle Pad
Harposphere Synth – Letting of Steam
Harposphere Synth – Longwarble Hit
Harposphere Synth – Matrix Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Oldman
Harposphere Synth – Popping corns
Harposphere Synth – Pulsar Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – SubBass decay
Harposphere Synth – SysErr Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – They’re back
Harposphere Synth – Timelord Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Ting Thing slowattack
Harposphere Synth – Ting Thing
Harposphere Synth – Tonehit Low
Harposphere Synth – Toys
Harposphere Synth – Trailerhit Gentle
Harposphere Synth – Trickles
Harposphere Synth – Unpleasant Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – ZooConga mid & hi

Mics & Mixes

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